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A New Spin on the Traditional Italian Pastry

Enjoy Our Cannoli Bar from Farmingdale, NY

Enjoy your favorite Italian dessert anywhere and at any time. The Cannoli Bar from Farmingdale, NY, is a candy bar-like treat made with Ariola Foods' famous crunchy shell and filled with a cream filling and covered in melted white chocolate. Enjoy this sweet treat whenever and wherever you want; it always stays fresh and doesn't require refrigeration.

Offer your customers something new with our spin on the traditional Italian pastry that's beloved by so many. The Cannoli Bar is a treat that everyone will enjoy because of its delicious flavoring, crunchy taste, and authentic roots. Order our wholesale Italian dessert today!

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The Cannoli Bar

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New Cannoli Bar from Farmingdale, NY

About Us

The Cannoli Bar was developed by Peter Ariola using his family's famous cannoli shell and cream filling dating back to 1923. Operating out of Farmingdale on New York's Long Island, the company now offers a wholesale Italian dessert that revolutionizes the authentic cannoli in a candy bar form. We guarantee it will become a favorite of both those who enjoy the original and those who want to try something new.

"The Cannoli Bar was invented to solve an age-old dilemma that Italian bakers have longed to overcome. Here at Cannoli Bar Corp., we have done just that!

We have found a way for you to enjoy quality cannoli with Ariola's famous traditional cannoli shell and cannoli cream flavor. The Cannoli Bar stays crunchy and fresh and requires no refrigeration.

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